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Hangman Adam Page vs Brian Cage vs Ethan Page vs Christian Cage?! - Book It Vince! #40

July 27, 2021

We had to do this eventually right? In our fantasy world of AEW, the new champ, Hangman Adam Page faces a test for the... ages. A fatal 4 way in RAGE in a CAGE against Ethan Page, Brian Cage, and Christian Cage... with special guest ref... Diamond Dallas Page. Yes. We went there.

Ricochet joins AEW as old Impact character to attack Darby Allin?! - Book It Vince! #39

July 13, 2021

Surprise debuts are always the best! So what if one of the most entertaining wrestlers of the modern era made his way to AEW under the old Impact masked character known as Suicide to target and attack the babyface Darby Allin? Revealing the new, evil version of the one and only Ricochet!

What if X-Pac joined Matt Hardy to take on the Inner Circle?! - Book It Vince! #38

June 29, 2021

What started out as legend X-Pac coming to AEW to take on Sammy Guevara, slowly became the Inner Circle vs the Hardy Family Office in total control of A Little Bit of the Bubbly in a Liquor License Ladder Match... WHAT?!

Who could be the new NXT GM?! - Book It Vince! #37

June 15, 2021

NXT has been out of control as of late, and this past week at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, GM William Regal hinted at a possible retirement. But who should take his place? Possibly someone recently released by WWE? Maybe Samoa Joe? Or Zelina Vega? Or even Jason Jordan? Let's talk about what those would look like.

What if Anthony Ogogo was the Ivan Drago of AEW?! - Book It Vince! #36

June 01, 2021

At AEW's Double or Nothing 2021 Cody Rhodes beat Anthony Ogogo. Did that loss hurt the big time heel build that Ogogo could of had? On this week's podcast we fantasize if Ogogo was booked as a ruthless, savage, killing machine. Much like Ivan Drago in Rocky. If he dies... he dies.

CM Punk. Samoa Joe. ONE LAST MATCH?! - Book It Vince! #35

May 18, 2021

In 2004 two technical experts put on a trilogy of matches that would become instant classics in the wrestling world. Now in 2021 they are both free agents. But what if they could battle once more to finally settle the score? It's Punk vs Joe. One last time.

A new faction arrives in AEW to attack Jurassic Express?! - Book It Vince! #34

May 04, 2021

The Trios Tag Team Titles finally arrive in AEW. After winning them in a crowning achievement, Jurassic Express is brutally attacked by a new faction making their way from WWE to hunt for glorious treasure. Killian Dain, Drake Maverick, and Baron Corbin are now... The Treasure Hunters!

Would a loss to Hulk Hogan make John Cena turn heel?! - Book It Vince! #33

Apr 20, 2021

At WrestleMania 28 John Cena & The Rock had a Once in a Lifetime match. But what if out of a feud of one upping each other, Hulk Hogan & Cena battle to see who was the greatest superstar ever? What if it pushed Cena over the edge? To a place he's never been before, and create is own New World Order.

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What if Mick Foley fought all his Gimmicks at once?! - Book It Vince! #32

Apr 06, 2021

Mick Foley is one of the celebrated wrestlers because of his commitment to the industry and his memorable characters. But what if those characters what revenge from Mick for putting his both on the line and going through all those insane matches? This week we book something we call, The Many Faces of Foley Match!

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Could Gangrel show up in AEW to bring back Goldust?! - Book It Vince! #31

Mar 23, 2021

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt us. In this episode we take a fan suggestion from Twitter and book a cult classic of weird gimmicks. What if Gangrel showed up in AEW to try and bring out Dustin Rhode's old character Goldust back from the dead? Could The Natural stay strong and not fall back on old ways?

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