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Can we book a better WWE Draft?! (ft. Cody Crain) - Book It Vince! #10

Oct 13, 2020

The WWE Draft is always an exciting time. Fresh new stories and the possibility of new feuds to start! Who will go where? Will some teams break up? This week Martin & Antony are joined by Cody Crain, host of the Spooked! podcast, to book their dream draft for RAW, Smackdown, AND NXT! Who is on your dream draft?

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Who is the Greatest Wrestling Manager ever?! - Book It Vince! #09

Oct 05, 2020

Managers have always been a staple in professional wrestling. And there are some who do it so perfectly it's like an artform. But who is the best? This week Martin & Antony sit down to decide who is the Greatest Wrestling Manager ever!

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What if Edge returned to AEW to face Kenny Omega?! - Book It Vince! #08

Sept 21, 2020

After an almost career ending injury, Edge is finally able to return to wrestling! But he doesn't go back to WWE?! He goes instead to AEW! This week Antony challenges Martin to book two of his favourite wrestlers against each other. It's the Rated-R Superstar Edge vs. The Cleaner Kenny Omega!

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Who'd win a dance off between The New Day & Team Too Cool?! - Book It Vince! #07

Sept 14, 2020

What happens when you put together two of the most electrifying but wackiest groups ever in wrestling? This week Martin challenges Antony to help him dream up what a feud could have been like if The New Day were ever able to face off against Team Too Cool!

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What if Daniel Bryan retired Kurt Angle?! (ft. Jake Martin) - Book It Vince! #06

Sept 07, 2020

Sometimes wrestlers don't retire in the way you hope. In this episode our special guest Jake Martin challenges Antony & Martin to book the retirement match he wanted to see more than anything. It's Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle!

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Who'd win a Simpsons Royal Rumble?! (ft. Jake Martin) - Book It Vince! #05

Aug 31, 2020

Let's get ready to rumble Springfield!!! 30 people go in but only one can come out on top! Who will it be? Martin and Antony, with the help of special guest Jake Martin, dream up in this epic special episode what a Royal Rumble featuring the cast of The Simpsons would look like!

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Is Elias or Jeff Jarrett the best wrestler-musician?! - Book It Vince! #04

Aug 24, 2020

When it comes to the musician gimmick in wrestling, very few are the best at it. This week Antony challenges Martin to book what COULD have happened in the rivalry between Elias and Double J, Jeff Jarrett! You can have this one for free WWE Creative.

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Who'd win if Britt Baker went to WWE & faced Alexa Bliss?! - Book It Vince! #03

Aug 17, 2020

Could there be a world where Dr. Britt Baker went to WWE, won Money in the Bank, and challenged Alexa Bliss for the Women's Championship?! On this episode Martin challenges Antony to book how it would go down in this women's dream match!

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Is The Brood vs The Wyatt Family too spooky?! - Book It Vince! #02

Aug 10, 2020

What would happen if the two SPOOKIEST stables in WWE went at it? How much havoc would they create over the tag team division? On this episode Antony challenges Martin to book a dream rivalry between The Brood and The Wyatt Family. Who comes out on top?

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What if Undertaker faced Sting during the Invasion?! - Book It Vince! #01

Aug 03, 2020

Imagine it's 2001, WWF purchases WCW and all the wrestlers come over to RAW... including Sting! In this episode Martin challenges Antony to re-imagine the Invasion and book one of the most wanted rivalries in pro wrestling; Undertaker vs Sting!

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