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How would we have booked Pat McAfee vs Vince McMahon?! - Book It Vince! #58

April 19, 2022

So we literally recorded this episode the day of WrestleMania Sunday not knowing McAfee vs McMahon was going to happen THAT VERY NIGHT. Since then lots has happened in WWE but why not share how we would have done this rivalry instead. Were we right about anything that happened? Let us know!


Who is Channing Decker's hardcore dream opponent?! - Book It Vince! #57

April 5, 2022

Hardcore Channing Decker joins us this week for a special episode to chat about Greektown Wrestling's big show this weekend, facing Rob Van Dam, what it takes to book an indie wrestling show, and the excitement of live wrestling events again!

Who should be the Female Legion of DOOM?! - Book It Vince! #56

Mar 23, 2022

One of the most dominant tag teams ever were the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom. With Women's wrestling at it's peak right now, and star athletes across WWE and the indies, we ask the question: Why isn't there a top female tag team of powerhouse women? On this week's podcast we dive into who we think that should be!

VEER FINALLY COMES?! - Book It Vince! #55

Mar 08, 2022

The most teased debut still alludes our television screens after months of promo packages & tweets! When will Veer come? Hopefully soon, hard, and fast! This week we dream book the debut & run of the legendary Veer Mahaan as he definitely battles Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns. We also talk about AEW Revolution!

Is Edge & Beth Phoenix or Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green the best power couple?! - Book It Vince! #54

Feb 22, 2022

Cardona & Green have taken over the indie wrestling landscape since leaving WWE and forging their own legacy as an unstoppable power couple. But what if a Hall of Fame, legendary wrestling couple decided to put them in their place by surprisingly showing up in GCW?

Upper Deck is ALL ELITE! What's next for AEW Trading Cards?! (ft. Billy Celio) - Book It Vince! #53

Feb 08, 2022

We got to sit down with Upper Deck's own Billy Celio to talk about how the AEW Trading Cards were created, what everyone can expect in the upcoming Spectrum set, and reminisce about card collecting & going to live wrestling events!

What if Bron Breakker won the Rumble to face Roman Reigns at Mania?! - Book It Vince! #52

Jan 25, 2022

The road to WrestleMania is about to begin as the Royal Rumble is merely days away. Everyone is speculating on who will survive and go on to headline the show of shows. Well on this week's episode, we got to thinking what if it was an unlikely wrestler making their way up from NXT2.0?

What's your craziest 2022 Wrestling prediction?! - Book It Vince! #51

Jan 11, 2022

It's a new year which means new opportunities for big time wrestling moments to happen. But how good are we at predicting those moments? On this episode we craft our very own 2022 BINGO Card are try to predict what might happen this year in professional wrestling!

RJ City wishes that Andy Kaufman had fought Andre The Giant?! - Book It Vince! #50

Dec 28, 2021

For our monumental 50th Episode we are joined by old man wrestling himself RJ CITY! We dream book a golden era feud where Andy Kaufman is the first celebrity to appear in WWF before WrestleMania ever existed! We talk old school wrestling, SNL, late night talk shows, and a lot about the show TAXI.

Bullet Club vs Undisputed Era in BLOOD & GUTS?! (ft. ThePunHitWonder) - Book It Vince! #49

Dec 07, 2021

With NXT stables Kyle O'Reilly & Johnny Gargano possibly leaving WWE soon, our friend ThePunHitWonder joined us to book the battle of the best modern day factions coming together in AEW to face off in none other than Blood & Guts! It's the Baddiest Bullet Club vs Undisputed Era.

How would Nug Nahrgang dream book Hit Row's AEW debut?! - Book It Vince! #48

Nov 23, 2021

Could Twitter beef and react releases make for a fantastic feud?! On this week's episode special guest Nug Nahrgang joins us to fantasy book what a Hit Row vs The Acclaimed rivalry in AEW be like, talk about recent WWE releases, and hear hilarious stories about Greektown Wrestling in Toronto!

Can we book the best NXT Halloween Havoc?! - Book It Vince! #47

Nov 02, 2021

Halloween has come and gone, and now with NXT doing Havoc regularly we see the opportunity to possibly book the greatest and wildest PPV ever. Hardcore matches, spin the wheel make a deal, and NXT stars old and new! How will we make the spookiest night of the year even better? What would your Halloween Havoc dream match be?

Will Fuego Del Sol or Pretty Peter Avalon be the face of TBS?! - Book It Vince! #46

Oct 19, 2021

With AEW Dynamite moving to TBS in January, the question is which wrestler will use this opportunity to strike it big and seize the chance to become the face of the company? What if Fuego Del Sol and Pretty Peter Avalon battled it out to become a network star? And how ridiculous could it get?

What if AEW had a Draft?! (ft. Jake Martin) - Book It Vince! #45

Oct 05, 2021

Another year, another WWE Draft as come and gone. But it got us thinking... what if AEW had to do a draft? Who would we want to see go to a specific show? Special guest host Jake Martin joins to book our own fantasy dream rosters of AEW talent. Who would you book as your top 5 draft picks?

The IIconics vs LayCool for the Tag Team Titles?! - Book It Vince! #44

Sept 21, 2021

Imagine this: what if The IIconics were never let go from WWE, they never had split them up, they kept the Women's Tag Team Titles, and there was another Evolution PPV? Who would they defend against? How about one of the first OG women's tag teams of the 2000s? That's right, LayCool!

Rey Fenix vs Rey Mysterio? MASK vs MASK?! - Book It Vince! #43

Sept 07, 2021

AEW All Out was only a few days away & the Lucha Bros are now the Tag Team Champs! But what if they had lost? What if they lost because of Andrade bringing a lucha legend to screw them over? What if Rey Mysterio showed up in AEW to fight his former Lucha teammates in an emotional rivalry, resulting in a ruthless Mask vs Mask match?!

Who is the true Perfect 10? Shawn Spears or Dark Order's Preston Vance?! - Book It Vince! #42

Aug 24, 2021

In a dream match to become the next TNT Champion, we pit two men who see themselves as the Perfect 10 in a fiery feud across all of AEW. This week is the Chairman Shawn Spears vs the Dark Order's own Preston "10" Vance! Who will stake their claim as the face of AEW?

Is Bronson Reed the World's Greatest Super Heavyweight?! - Book It Vince! #41

Aug 10, 2021

After his sudden release from NXT, Bronson Reed vowed to show the world that he is truly the world's greatest Super Heavyweight wrestler. So what if he went around to all the indie promotions and eventually AEW to fight the best of the super heavyweights, including the one and only WARDLOW?!

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